Improvising Over A Basic Minor Blues Progression

The Beginning Improvisation workshop aims to gently introduce the novice guitar player to the basic principles of melodic improvisation / soloing.

Knowledge of a standard 12 bar blues progression would be helpful but not essential as one of the elements covered in the workshop will be the progression itself, as often the most well delivered solos come from those players who best understand the underlying harmony that is supporting them. The only important prerequisite is the ability to play a simple pentatonic minor scale (1 b3 4 5 b7). This scale, plus variants of it, will be the basic note pool you will use to create your solos.

Workshops are held at MOR Music in York. All enquires should be directed to:

This workshop is aimed at the novice player looking to gain an understanding of the most fundamental aspects of blues improvising. They are run in such a way that no-one has to perform on the spot if they don't want to, but each player will have the chance to if they do. The most important thing to try to take away from the 2 hour session is an understanding of the principles involved, so you can then apply them to your own playing at your own pace.

A backing track that will allow you to practice all the aspects covered in the workshop
is available to stream now - click here to listen.