Here are what some of Colin's students think of their lessons...

"I have just completed my 2nd year studying with Colin. In that time my knowledge, technique, tone, style & performance have all vastly improved. Colin is an excellent teacher who is always well prepared with lessons that are fully focused on my goals as a student. Simply put, I have learnt & progressed more with Colin in the last 2 years than in the previous 20! If you are serious about improving as a guitarist to whatever level, Colin can get you there. Wholeheartedly recommended. Thank you Colin."

Kyran Mallon – Electric Blues Rock guitarist

"Colin combines musical expertise with the superb ability to teach it to others."

Janice Gordon - Acustic Folk guitarist

"Colin always offers a friendly welcome and appears to enjoy my lessons and listening to my ideas as well as sharing his knowledge. Colin is always encouraging and remains positive even when I’m struggling with some new (or old!) challenge. My lessons are highly tailored to my own requirements and allow me to develop at my own pace, focusing on my own weaknesses. Despite his own remarkable ability, Colin recalls the things that beginners find challenging. He also empathises with the difficulties inherent in playing in front of someone else and remains patient throughout the less successful lessons. Even when I think I’ve played something well, Colin can find new elements to look at which allow me to discover and appreciate new characteristics in a piece. He sets assignments and gives me clear, achievable targets to focus on during practise sessions. He always focuses on the positives and has always encouraged musicality as well as technical correctness from a very early stage."

Andy Walker – Classical guitarist

"Colin is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about guitar playing. He has always remained mindful of my goals and interests by tailoring lessons to help me reach my targets. If you want to learn and are willing to put in the effort Colin will do all he can to ensure you meet your potential. He has worked with me to help me prepare for my audition at Guitar X in London and subsequently I have been offered a place on their Higher Diploma Course. After having lessons from other guitar teachers in the past I believe Colin's level of professionalism, knowledge and passion for improving my playing represents fantastic value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking for guitar lessons from a passionate, talented and extremely knowledgeable guy!"

Paul Jenkinson - Electric Blues Rock guitarist

"Patient, proficient, personable, professional: many thanks!"

Kate Dexter - Electric Rock guitarist

"Colin has been teaching me to play the guitar for almost 3 years during which time I have enjoyed exploring a wide range of different playing styles. When I began playing I was a complete novice and Colin has helped me to continuously progress. The experience has been very rewarding and enjoyable. Having met many of Colin’s other students I can confidently say that he is equally adept at teaching people of all standards from beginners like me to very experienced and talented players. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is considering taking lessons."

Paul Dures - Acoustic & Electric guitarist

"I have been a student of Colin’s for a few months now – In that time he has completely revolutionized my entire approach to playing the guitar and in doing so has opened up so many more avenues for me. By far the most knowledgeable and supportive guitar teacher I have ever had. Totally inspiring - thank you."

Clive Green - Classical guitarist

"I love to play rock and heavy metal style guitar. It has really helped me having someone that understands properly the techniques involved for this style of guitar playing – and it’s probably saved me years of getting it all wrong by just trying to do it alone. I don’t think I would ever have realised what a specific approach is required at times without Colin’s guidance. Thanks Colin! Now can I have a week off practicing for saying this?"

Mark Wood - Shredder!