Electric Guitar

As an electric guitarist, Colin has literally spent the better part of his life studying, in depth, the techniques of some of the most influential players on the planet. So although self-taught, he feels he owes much of his playing ability to the likes of Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Joe Pass... the list is endless and diverse.

Colin is currently electric guitar tutor for the University of York.

Colin teaches all levels from beginner to advanced. In his electric guitar teaching he advocates the learning guidelines put forward by the Registry of Guitar Tutor graded handbooks, chiefly because they provide an ideal framework for guitarists at all levels, without actually encroaching upon the individual student’s overall game plan. This leaves them free to pursue their own musical interests, and at the same time makes sure they always have a strong foundation in the most common and important aspects of technique and popular music/guitar theory. Colin also teaches the RGT's new acoustic guitar syllabus.

So, whether you're looking to learn specialist techniques (the two-handed tapping antics of Steve Vai or the super-smooth left hand legato of Joe Satch), more about extended chords, the mystery of modes, or simply a good grounding in all things electric guitar - from jazz and blues to rock and metal - save yourself the kind of problems that can easily arise from learning with a semi-knowledgeable tutor. Learn with an experienced professional from the start.