classical guitar

As a classical guitarist, Colin has been lucky enough to be tutored himself by a trio of world class players. Namely, soloists Mark Ashford and Simon Dinnigan, as well as Mark Eden of the Edenstel guitar duo. Not to mention the numerous master classes he has taken part in with a host of eminent performers and educators (such as Michael Lewin, Gordon Crosskey, Fabio Zannon & Gary Ryan). So today he is able to pass on the fruits of all he has learned from these consummate virtuosos.

He teaches all levels ranging from total beginner to highly advanced, focusing on an array of individual aspects such as technique, sight reading, interpretation and musicality... to mention a few. He appreciates the individual needs of his students and therefore avoids the production line approach of putting all of them through exactly the same paces. He is also used to working from various different graded syllabuses (for those that wish to go down that route) such as ABRSM, Trinity and Guildhall and LCM(rgt), again to suit individual student requirements.

So, maybe you have serious aspirations? Maybe you just want to be able to play a little for fun? Perhaps you are a competent player already that just feels you could benefit from some professional input regarding music theory or composition? Whatever your story, and whatever your level, if you are considering learning anything in life don't risk acquiring a multitude of bad habits that may become permanently irreversible. Learn with a qualified professional from the start.

Colin plays a guitar by Simon Ambridge.